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Thank You Notes

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My husband passed from Covid on January 6th.  Throughout the painful process of his illness and his subsequent death, Becky was my saving Grace.  She held sacred space for me in a way that I had never experienced up until now.  As a result of Becky’s gentle support and guidance on accessing my own intuition, I am progressing rapidly in my ability to be able to dance in both worlds energetically, and not staying stuck in grief.  Becky will work with you on anything you need, and I can assure you the results will be astounding.​


Louise . North Carolina

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Becky is a genuine, loving person. Her positive vibration is a life changer. I, myself, was changed for the better by her loving and compassionate way of life.


Please utilize her services.

She is the best!


​Radha . India


I just had the best psychic counseling session with my dear friend Psychic Counseling with Becky Grabski! She was right on with everything I am dealing with! She helped me clarify important things that were at the edge of my awareness.


Now I feel so inspired to move forward and embrace my gifts. I am so excited for the future. Thank you Becky!!!


Jane . West Virginia


The reading I had with Becky was AMAZING! She was thorough, insightful and compassionate. She spent so much time with each of my questions and help me see what choices I had in a difficult situation. I left the reading feeling empowered and enlightened.   Becky is a gifted and compassionate reader with such a healing presence.


Jennifer . New York

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It was an honor and joy to have received a powerful intuitive reading from Becky.  My reading gave me insight, clarity and motivation to keep moving forward on my path. 

 I highly recommend Becky.


Arvella . North Carolina


I have reached out to Becky for guidance a few times in the past several years during times when the intensity of life situations had me feeling really confused. She has always been able to help me gain clarity, perspective and focus. She is kind and compassionate in her approach to delving into the truth and what may be needed to work thru situations whether on a practical level or much deeper.


I trust Becky because her heart is truly open and she trusts me to receive and process the guidance that she gives. I am blessed to know her.

Denise . Florida


Becky created such a safe space for me during our session. Her positive energy and empathetic way of communicating her vision allowed me to express my emotions and experience the guidance of her sight.


I'm so glad we had this time together and have been reflecting on her observations for days. Thank you, Becky!


Erika . Virginia


A reading with Becky is money well-spent!


In a single hour I went from feeling overwhelmed and burdened to hopeful and light. She helped give me the clarity I so desired in regard to several issues I was dealing with in my life.


She is a compassionate and gifted psychic

I highly recommend her!


Tasha . Florida


I have used Becky's services as a psychic many times over the past 15 years. She always has provided great insight, wisdom, and the ability to see future events unfold. Her readings are done with compassion, humor and grace.


I highly recommend her services. I use them on a regular basis to help put issues in perspective and understand the undercurrents of what is happening in my life.


Becky is a gem, and I feel blessed to have her share her psychic gifts with me.


Lisa . Maryland


Becky is the bomb! She is so sincere and loving and I have been so inspired since our first reading. She did a wonderful job of hitting exactly on what I needed. So much love!


Sunirmalya . Australia


I’ve been working with Becky for only a few weeks now, but I feel like I’ve known her for years. Her ability has unlocked a lot of suppressed emotions that were in desperate need of attention. She works with me, one on one, to identify the root of these issues in my life; slowly turning them from a darkened out memory to a feeling of light and acceptance. Becky is an absolute gem. Besides her talent, her personality shines throughout the process. She’s serious when needed but sweet and bubbly. She’s more than a psychic, she’s a friend and a joy to know. Highly recommend.


Bridget . Massachusetts

I had my very first reading experience with Becky in January of 2010 when I was in Massage School. I just had another reading with her 9 years! The correlations between the two were unbelievable!


I kept the piece of paper that I wrote notes on from 2010 and some of the exact things were said again. She is amazing! What she told me in 2010 has come to life...and did I mention it has been a dream come true! Literally! I’m so happy that I was able to reconnect and have another reading with her. She helped me put things into perspective while reiterating what I already knew, which is amazing.


Becky, thank you for your time, help and uplifting words of encouragement for my journey ahead. I am truly grateful and I highly recommend a reading with Becky.

Amanda . North Carolina


 I just wanted to share an experience that I had with Becky just recently . I had the opportunity to have a session with Becky . We have never met each other before my session. I had one phone call with her to schedule. I’m not really into the psychic mediums. Not sure how I felt about it. But my soul sister Louise Klein encouraged me to go get it done. So I had my session. I must say that I felt truly Blessed by Becky’s words , and how she shared some times in my life. The questions that I’ve had all my life , the ones I’ve never shared with anyone I asked Becky. Becky answered my questions honestly with grace . She shared with me parts of my life , I had no way of knowing , She didn’t either. Becky has a gift that she shares with those who need a little help in their life .


My reading truly helped me in so many ways. I see my life in a renewed way. I’m very Thankful that Becky is a part of my life. She is a precious gift. If you ever just need a little help in your lives journey, take care of yourself and give Becky a call. You will be glad you did. Thanks Becky!


Mary . North Carolina

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I enjoyed my reading with Becky. She's different in a good way. Becky gets to the root of why you need a session. Instead of focusing on superficial answers (in 3 months you will...), she brought up experiences, the cause of those experiences and what it means in the grand scheme of things for the soul. When she named things and gave advice, my body relaxed.

I did not share information and Becky nailed the topics I was going to bring up. The messages she was able to "translate" were more helpful than the questions I had.

Sometimes we need confirmation and direction on our journey. Becky is so professional, kind, loving and spot on with her messages. I didn't tell her about a career direction I've started. I didn't tell her why it was more appealing to me--she used my words and gave descriptions of things I hadn't considered. But they totally line up with my interests and I'm excited to research this new area!

Thank you, Becky!

Tasia . Oregon

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Knowing Becky for many years, I am most struck by her ability and willingness to listen. Really listen, not just with her ears , but with her heart.


The rich smile on her face is just the beginning of the road that leads to a heart full of compassion and understanding.  I always feel enriched and enlivened after sharing with Becky.

 Paul . North Carolina

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Becky’s psychic abilities and visions provide imagery and insights that can help you not only navigate the storms of life, but light a path forward to achieving your soul’s most treasured dreams.


If you are on the journey of life and want to make it the best it can be, book a reading with her today!


Eliza . New York


I approached Becky for guidance on a health related matter and general life direction. Becky had a clear, grounded, and confident approach in helping me to see the underlying issues at play in my life, and gave me tools for how to address them. I felt well supported by her.


Becky is a gifted healer, who is truly invested in helping to heal and elevate others.


Elizabeth . California

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My session with Becky was absolutely amazing. She provided me with insight that my soul desperately needed to become unstuck and move forward. During my first session she channeled messages from loved ones and provided factual information that only I would know and understand. I am so thankful to Becky for her amazing gifts and the healing I have received from her messages. She is humble and full of grace and I highly recommend her services.


K.T.  . North Carolina


I was introduced to Becky from a trusted friend who told me she would, literally, change my life!  It was, most certainly, divine timing that guided me to this amazing magic woman!


Becky has helped me clear out the heavy, sticky things that I was holding onto without realizing it.  She not only helps me to get to a place where I can reset, she gives me the tools to get there on my own.  She incorporates meditation and healing organically into her sessions.  It’s so much more than a ‘just’ a psychic reading.  She gives you whatever you need (even when you didn’t know you needed it!).  I am so grateful for the time I spend with Becky.  Her heart is big and her connection to Spirit is like no one else I’ve known.


Aeriana . Indiana


The Universe truly works in wonderous and beautiful ways! It was by chance and divine timing that I was introduced to Becky.   When I consulted her for counseling, I was in the middle of a huge transition in my life. I had no idea where I was going, or what direction to head in.  My experience with her gave me the clarity I needed to make the leap in my life that has changed my life's path forever! She gave me insight on the first steps to take in my spiritual awakening, validated my intuition, and helped me on my healing journey. Now, with the help of Becky, I am in the beginning stages of starting my own small business, I have become more aligned with the Universe and my life's purpose, and I am more present and grounded than ever before!

I feel truly blessed to know her.


Thank you Becky for your incredibly healing, transformational service You are a gift to this world!

Sarah . Virginia

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