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Counseling Sessions

How does Becky prepare for a session?

I make sure I drink water and prepare my physical space. Then I sit in meditation, open my energy, and offer a prayer to the Divine. I ask my Guides, Angels, and the Highest Divine Light to work with and through me for the highest good. I also call on and invite my clients’ non-physical supporters to participate.

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How should I prepare for a session?

Take some time and feel the real questions you want to know the answers to. Write them down. Not just so you don’t forget them during the session, but also to open your energy for the deeper questions to come through. Find a quiet, private, comfortable place where you are undistracted by pets, children, spouses, or anyone/anything else. The less distraction, and the more you give your attention fully, the more you receive from our time together.  Your privacy is important so you can speak openly about personal matters without anyone hearing you. Just before the session, get a glass of water, collect your questions, paper and pen, recording device if you’re recording and be comfortably seated before the session starts.

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How does the session work?

I ask my client to state their full name. I use that as a focus point to tune into their energy. After a few moments of silence, I start my ‘initial flow’. This is where I share the first things coming through. Once I feel the energy shift, I open the session to the ‘interactive’ portion. This is where my client is free to comment on anything I’ve said or ask any questions they came with. The more involved my client is with this portion, the more they receive from the session.

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Ready to book a session? 

See the rates and booking links below.


 Psychic Counseling Session

50 minutes

$155.00 USD

For first time and existing clients.

 Psychic Counseling Session

25 minutes

$90.00 USD

Offered only for existing clients.

Level 1 Psychic Mentoring

(3) 50-min Psychic Mentoring Sessions

$444.00 USD

Level 2 Psychic Mentoring

(6) 50-min Psychic Mentoring Sessions

$777.00 USD

Level 3 Psychic Mentoring

(9) 50-min Psychic Mentoring Sessions

$1111.00 USD

2024 Personal

Energy Forecast

$224.00 USD

 Solar Return

 Energy Forecast

$222.00 USD



Check back often!

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