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Meet Becky


"I spent a few years following an Indian teacher, where I dove deeply into my spiritual core. This is important because I did not practice Psychic work.  I concentrated solely on God and my connection to Love and the All-That-Is. It’s these years that opened me up wider than ever before. It refined my work and my purpose. Without this time in an ashram, I would not be doing the healing work that I do. It solidified God first, God is in everything, is everything, God flips the switch for Light and Life. Without that solid foundation, I could not do what I do."

A little bit about me and my work 


My childhood years had me traveling and living in different countries and all over the United States. This did a few things for me. It exposed me to different people, cultures, ideas, ways of being and doing things. It grounded me in the understanding that there’s not just one ‘right’ way for anything. In fact, there’s value in knowing different perspectives. My heart and mind opened to the commonalities that we all share, even though on the surface, things might appear differently. We are all so much more alike than what separates us. We are all beautiful the way we are, and our differences only enhance that beauty.


Another thing it did, was to break my heart. Every single time I moved, I had to leave behind things that were precious to me, such as pets, bikes, toys, clothes. But the most precious things were the people in my life that I loved. My Family. My mom, my dad, my brother (luckily my sister stayed with me), people that took care of me, people that were my rocks in an ever-changing sea of confusion and pain. There were decisions made that I had no choice or voice in, that caused a great deal of trauma for me. I felt like I was a foster kid, constantly being shuffled between people that weren’t sure they really wanted me, even though they loved me.

The experience of constantly losing the things and people I loved brought out my compassion, empathy and sympathy for others. It gave me an understanding about painful emotions, like feeling lost and like there wasn’t a place in the world for someone like me, and how that affected daily living. It forced me into finding meaning in my life that did not rely on the outer, ever shifting world. It brought me inside, to a place that was constant and beautiful. It brought me to my heart, my breath, my soul. It opened me to a language of the soul that, to my surprise, I spoke fluently. I call this language intuition, connection, oneness. But mostly – and over-archingly – I call it Love. The pain and fear of separation inspired the journey back to Love. Without it, I would not truly know the healing power of Love. I would not be able to understand and identify the feelings exuding from others as well as I do. Love became the focus of my life, my purpose, my reason for being, my path. Feeling it, expressing it, sharing it, seeing when others were in it, or when they were in the pain of separation from it. Love became my eyes and ears, my voice, and the way I related to the world.


This brings me to my work. Although I refer to my work as psychic counseling – which is accurate and how I present it – what I really do is Love. Love lets me see deeply into the energy of the people I connect with. Love shows me what is needed to heal their pain, fear, trauma, core issues, blocks to success, and all manner of situations they are dealing with. Love is what allows me to facilitate healing those things. In the beginning, in the end, and everything in between, it’s all really about Love. So come, I invite you to open to the healing possibilities of Love, and to experience how that Love can change your life.


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The gift Becky brings is the gift of sight. She sees deeply into the soul of who you are and the situations you are in. With loving care, she guides you to a deeper understanding of the energies at play, how they are affecting you, what choices are available to you and where they will lead you. Throughout your time with Becky, she is also sending a loving healing energy that, if you wish, cleanses your aura and uplifts you, leaving you feeling motivated and capable of handling what once felt overwhelming.


As a naturally gifted and expertly trained professional psychic and healing facilitator for over 25 years, she has assisted thousands of people on their journeys of healing and growth. Becky is a Reiki Master, Seichim Master, A.R.E. Wayshower, ordained Minister, and extensively trained in many lesser known healing arts. She has conducted over 1000 readings a year, facilitates workshops on meditation, healing, and developing psychic abilities and has hosted a weekly energy healing conference call.


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My passion is Love, Community, Healing, Oneness

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