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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you love about your work?

I love empowering people with knowledge and understanding, so they can move forward in their lives in the most positive ways. I love helping people go deep inside themselves and find their own truth. I love helping people ground themselves in that truth, and find the direction and motivation to work with what once felt overwhelming. I love making a difference in peoples lives. I love the sense of purpose and spiritual connection that working with the energy offers both me and my clients.


How do you get your messages?

I get my messages in many ways. It depends on the energy of the moment as to what comes through. Every session is unique. Sometimes I see, sometimes I hear, sometimes I feel and sometimes I just simply know. Many times, it’s a combination of all the above.

How accurate are you?

No psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time. If anyone claims that they are, they are either delusional or lying. According to my clients’ feedback – check out the Thank You’s tab – I’m very accurate most of the time.

How do you know that you’re not reading the desires of your clients’ vs the energy?

Whatever I relay to my client comes from my guides, angels and the highest Divine Light. After 25 years and thousands of clients, I know what that energy feels like. Sometimes the message is in alignment with my clients desires, and many times it is different.  


We all have free will and anything could change at any moment, so how do you know which path your client will take?

The path any of my clients take is solely up to them. I give information about the energy at play in their lives. What they do with that information is beyond my control.

What should I consider when booking a session?

If possible, try to book a time when you will have the time to release the stress of the day before the session starts, and enough time alone after the session to process the shifting energies.


Can I record the session?

Yes. Please note: prepare the recording device before the session begins. Not only is any time trying to figure out the recording device during our session time wasted – time that you’ve paid for – it’s also anxiety producing when calmness is a better choice for a successful session.

How do I know if you’re the one I should work with?

This depends solely on you. I’ve given lots of information for you here. You either connect with what you’re reading, or you don’t. If you’re intuitive, feel into it and you’ll know.

Do you share my private information with anyone?

NEVER. I would not be able to keep the trust of my clients if I weren’t trustworthy. Without that trust, I simply could not do what I do.

Have you ever worked with businesses?

Yes, I have many times. I’ve worked with CEO’s of international corporations, with entrepreneurs just starting out, with owners of small businesses and everyone in between. I’ve been asked every question from who should I hire, fire, promote or transfer to another dept, about which area of the business or which products should they invest in or let go of, what needs to happen to get the business to stabilize or grow, and many other questions. Many of my long term clients are business clients.

Do you ever make things up?

NEVER. If an answer does not come for a question, I sink into it the energy deeper and find out why the answer isn’t coming. I then share what I receive. I never lie or make anything up. I would not have the high rate of repeat customers that I have if I pulled anything like that. 

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